RF|Binder Media Intelligence: Monday, July 1

RFB Media Intelligence

Bloomberg Reporter Joins Fortune
Jeremy Kahn has moved on from Bloomberg to rejoin Fortune magazine and cover artificial intelligence and other forms of disruptive technology. He was most recently a technology beat reporter at Bloomberg News, and before that was a writer for Bloomberg Markets magazine. 

Reuters Forex and Bonds Reporter
Reuters has hired Wall Street Journal reporter Olga Cotaga to cover foreign exchange trading and bonds. She has been writing daily market comments on forex and United Kingdom real estate for Dow JonesMarket Talk for The Journal and the Dow Jones News Jones. She also writes features for The Journal on the same topics. 

Quartz Cuts Business-Side Staff Again
On June 26, Quartz laid off seven business-side employees, ranging from junior sales staff to a creative director. The cuts were the second batch of layoffs Quartz has endured this year; another four positions, about one-fifth of its U.K. commercial team, were eliminated at the beginning of 2019.

Fox Business’ New Podcast
Liz Claman, anchor of the Fox Business Network show Countdown to the Closing Bell, recently premiered a new podcast to cover “the climb vs. the top when it comes to reaching the peak of success.” Each episode of ‘Everyone Talks to Liz’ follows stories of individuals who reached unbelievable pinnacles of success but only after facing incredible odds to get there. 

How Journalists Imagine Their Readers
A central irony of the newsroom is that while many journalists’ decisions are made with readers in mind, the audiences for their work often remain unfocused, imagined abstractions, built on long-held assumptions, newsroom folklore, and imperfect inference.

News Personalization 
The Times knows its editors’ judgment of what’s important is one of its critical selling points. But in order to surface more than a sliver of its journalism each day, it’s now willing to respond to readers’ interests in a much bigger way. 

State of the News Media 
Local TV is trusted and is still the preferred method of getting news (thanks mostly to people 50 and up). But viewership for local TV news continues to decline, according to research released by Pew this week. Pew also took a look at cable and network news, and here are some of their findings.