Integrated Advertising

The power of earned, social, owned, and paid media, driven with a single message, is unmatched. We have creative firepower; we know how to build it. We are wholly focused on blending content that taps into the passion of an audience with highly curated groups aligned to your message.  We know how to shape the right message for the right moment in the right medium.  Online and offline, we create solutions that drive high ROI.

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR is imperative. We’re experts on developing, reporting and promoting a full spectrum of CSR initiatives for businesses large and small. These range from sustainability initiatives to more traditional philanthropy, sponsorships and community relations outreach programs.

Brand & Corporate Reputation

How C-suite teams respond can color reputation just as much as opinion leaders. By determining how these audiences perceive your brand, and your company, we can deliver communications and channels that improve marketplace perceptions.


We knew it was going to eat TV. And we got onboard early. We’ve been creating digital communications at each point in their evolution. Digital marketing is not only rocket science, but also art. And we’re your ground control on an array of communications opportunities, from emails and banners to paid search and websites.


Wish you could dial up the wow on your marketing program? We have a team of Madison Ave’s best and brightest to shape and polish your brand and business. Our team of writers, directors, artists and thinkers, infuse every project with passion, purpose and excellence.

Experiential Marketing

We can translate your brand into three-dimensions. Design-laden, conceptual events are a uniquely powerful way to engage with people on a personal level. From conception to execution — we know every aspect of maximizing the impact of this powerful buzz-builder.

Social Media

Social is king…of confusion. Few know what to post, where, and at what time. We enable you to listen to your audience, informing your story’s best dialogue. By marrying it with the right platform, we create content that gets under the radar and inspires audiences to action.

Media Relations

We have strong relationships with members of the press, across many publications, sectors and outlets. From traditional editors and reporters to YouTube stars, bloggers, Instagrammers and Tweeters. We deliver access to the opinion leaders who can have far-reaching impact on your company’s interests.

Crisis Management

At some point, every company runs into a situation that can explode into a crisis. We’re here for you. We implement expertly positioned communication strategies that prepare you for what may come. If it does hit, you can get in front of it. Respond effectively. And get past it.

Spokesperson Sourcing & Training

As business leaders and others face cameras, microphones and live audiences, we can help you identify who the right spokespeople are, both in and outside your organization. We also bolster confidence and improve performance by providing insights on every aspect of media relations.

Research & Measurement

Our research-based approach is essential to informing each strategy we develop. And every program we undertake. Once launched, we monitor your campaigns to assess progress and make any adjustments. The outcome — results you can see, track and understand.

Thought Leadership

Are you not getting the recognition you deserve? Thought leadership is a hallmark of the most influential organizations. And we can help your company implement communications, such as articles, speeches and white papers that will enable you to be recognized as an industry expert.

  • Talenti

    Taking the conversation from locally known brick & mortar, to global best selling media darling.

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  • McGraw-Hill

    Building an integrated, multi-channel program to highlight McGraw-Hill Education as an industry leader.

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  • SASB

    Generating a groundswell of support for new standards in sustainability reporting and their importance in today’s capital markets.

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  • NYU

    Establishing Stern as a leading voice on business education as well as a range of business issues.

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  • CVS

    Raising CVS' profile as a responsible corporate citizen committed to helping people on their path to better health.

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  • Johnson’s Baby

    Strengthening brand leadership and building a group of long-term influencer partners to to drive meaningful brand conversations.

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  • Band-Aid

    Launching an influencer partnership program to reinvigorate brand relevancy with millenials.

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  • Chubb

    Elevating awareness of the global insurer’s North America business, and its breath of products and services.

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  • Ameriprise

    Cementing Ameriprise's reputation as an authoritative source of financial research.

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  • Dunkin

    Establishing Dunkin’ Donuts as a powerful global brand and solidifying the company’s leadership position.

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