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RF|Binder is a full-service public relations agency headquartered in New York with an office in Boston; bureaus in Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and South Florida; and a global network of partner agencies in 30 countries.

The company was founded by Amy Binder who today serves as its chief executive officer. She is committed to building on the traditions of her father, David Finn, and her uncle, Bill Ruder, who founded Ruder Finn in 1948 and are recognized as pioneers and thought leaders in public relations.


Our goal in forming RF|Binder was to create a different kind of agency – one that combines the resources of a large agency with the advantages of a sophisticated, boutique consultancy. We are committed to giving clients greater senior management involvement, a more responsive working relationship, and better value in results and costs. This model produces world-class work and enables us to attract the best talent and clients.

By embracing traditional, digital and emerging methods, RF|Binder helps its clients manage corporate and brand reputation by focusing on issues most important to the organization, the industry, and influencers who impact key stakeholders. RF|Binder knows how to prioritize these audiences and how to tap the most effective communications channels to reach them.  We develop our programs by looking at an entire corporation and crafting messages that resonate with all target audiences—from customers to Wall Street, government to the media.

We aggressively use research, intelligence and measurement to drive business results for our clients. Our disciplined creative process results in the kind of breakthrough thinking that separates good from great work. Six central ideas drive our creative philosophy:

Authenticity  We know that ideas must be grounded in a brand’s unique voice, and must support the brand’s business.

Connection  We tell stories that resonate with a variety of audiences: employees, the media, thought leaders and consumers.

Simplicity  We believe that less is more; the best ideas are brilliantly simple.

Diversity  Our creative process thrives with a variety of points of view.

Execution  We translate creativity into success through flawless implementation and detailed, dedicated execution.

Exceeding Expectations   No creative idea is ever final until our client loves it.