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From our founding, technology has played a major role in our client base.  RF|Binder’s perspective on technology communications is reflective of our multi-industry focus. We pursue the larger impact technology has on people, communities, businesses, education, and governments. Our focus is on the intersection of technology and business in our lives.

Technology isn’t just our jobs, it’s our passion.  We are enthusiasts that grew up programming in BASIC. CES is our Christmas.  We can talk for hours about the impact of technology on globalization, the latest mobile devices and hybrid cloud computing environments.  We have focused on technology communications since the rise of the dot coms and have helped clients negotiate market booms and busts, set the trends of their market segments and translate the most arcane technologies to the most neophyte of audiences.

RF|Binder’s technology practice combines technology expertise, business acumen and communications excellence, to deliver programs that significantly impact consumer and business-buyer beliefs and behavior.  We work closely with our technology clients to effectively communicate their messages through words, images, sounds and experiences.

We help technology companies transcend traditional product-centric messages to build lasting market value.  Our work is tightly aligned with client business objectives, whether those objectives are focused on sales, business development, investment, recruitment/retention, and industry thought leadership.  Our clients run the gamut – from the world’s leading multinationals to emerging venture-backed start-ups – but no matter the size of the organization, RF|Binder works with clients to develop and execute the right strategic communications program for their specific needs.

Sector Experience 

Software and software development
Cloud and virtualized environments
Consumer electronics
Hardware and embedded systems
Electronic commerce
Telecommunications, data communications and networking
Information security
IT/BPO/KPO services