Lifestyle & Healthy Living

Our lifestyle and wellness work focuses on companies that offer products and services designed to improve quality of life. This includes psychological, emotional, and physical health.

Our expertise begins with a deep understanding of the psychological and emotional end-benefits the customer enjoys from such products and services. For example, in the fragrance category, the ultimate end-benefit might be a sense of self-confidence, attractiveness and wellbeing. In the automotive category, it might be the pleasure a person experiences driving a finely crafted, high performance vehicle.

In the health department, it could include weight loss products or supplements and vitamins, each of which can bring an important feeling of well-being as they deliver specific product benefits; or the baby and children’s products that provide mothers and fathers a genuine sense of wellbeing as they simultaneously provide product benefits for the baby or the child.

With growing consumer and media attention on healthy living, RF|Binder helps brands understand consumer decision-making, especially that of the citizen patient. We work with consumer products and brands that address today’s diverse and ever-changing lifestyles as consumers seek to adopt healthier lives.

RF|Binder’s strategic and creative consumer health campaigns have stimulated sales of everything from dietary supplements, weight loss systems and sweeteners to wound and skin care products and related technologies. We have helped to cultivate many of the world’s most recognizable, household brands while helping to empower consumers with the information and resources needed to manage their lives.

Introducing new products, revitalizing mature brands, repositioning entire categories, supporting health and medical claims and studies, conducting consumer focus groups, ameliorating potential crisis situations, creating special media events and conducting national surveys to position a product’s claims are just some of the programs RF|Binder has executed.

Sector Experience

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