Energy & The Environment

At RF|Binder, we can help your organization navigate the complicated sphere of energy and environmental communications.  In an area of increasing scrutiny and sensitivity, you can have confidence in the communications ability and technical familiarity of our team members, many of whom have worked in energy and environmental communications for years and draw upon a wealth of experience from a variety of key industries.  Our backgrounds help us understand the technical aspects of this space to accurately and effectively communicate our clients’ messages.

Our expertise lies in helping clients position themselves effectively in a world of potential obstacles: a skeptical media, differing scientific opinions, ever-changing policy and regulatory requirements, and various activist groups.

We provide counsel on a full range of environmental issues including sustainability, power generation, deforestation, recycling, agriculture, nuclear power, emissions, renewable fuels, clean technologies and climate change.

We also provide counsel in newly emerging areas of environment interest, such as carbon capture and sequestration and carbon trading.  We help our clients form relationships with environmental NGOs for mutual benefit.  And we are skilled in interfacing with the public sector on environmental issues, often working closely with our clients’ lobbyists and sometimes directly with elected officials and regulators.

We have long-standing relationships with energy and environmental reporters across a wide range of media including top-tier print and broadcast and influential trade outlets.

Past clients have ranged from business-to-business energy and environmental service providers, government entities and consumer-facing energy products. Each required a nimble understanding of the technical issues at hand, the needs and concerns of the audience and stakeholders, and the current state of perception among the public and target media.

Sector Experience

Oil and natural gas
Renewable energy
Power generation and transmission
Investment and finance